Once Upon a Time: Child of the Moon

This episode is pretty much all about Ruby (Meghan Ory, True Justice), aka Little Red Riding Hood – with a twist. She also happens to be one of my favorite characters.

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The Big Bang Theory: The Habitation Configuration/The 43 Peculiarity

In “the Habitation Configuration” we’re treated to yet another episode of that wacky Sheldon Cooper web show, “Fun With Flags.” Yay!

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Christina Aguilera: Lotus

The album cover for Lotus (pictured below) portrays Christina rising naked from a blossoming lotus, suggesting a beautiful beginning – more specifically, since she’s been around long enough to have greatest hits album, a new beginning. A rebirth. I’m a fan of the idea of new beginnings at any stage in life, especially when life demands fight or flight.

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Being an avid James Bond fan (and massive Sean Connery fan) since my early teens, I am always curious when a new Bond film is released. Unfortunately, our culture nowadays puts such high expectations on everything that when a film in a series is not the best film ever made, the series as a whole seems to get all the trash talk. This was the case with Quantum of Solace. Because QoS was not up to par with public standards (or even my standards, for that matter), many people seemed to be not-so-excited about another Bond film premiering this year.

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LEGO Lord of the Rings

I’ll be honest, this wasn’t my favorite LEGO game. Which was a major bummer because I love Lord of the Rings and I love LEGO games, so I’ve been pumped to play it since it hit the news that they were making it into a game.

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